Wanted to Buy-vintage watches, coins, banknotes medals and more.

Selling a treasured heirloom or stopped collecting?

Are the family not interested, downsizing or moving, unwanted or

unfashionable antiques or even just clearing out the cupboard?

These are just some of the reasons to come see us.

What it is worth?

How much is the market value?

Who will buy?

How do I contact the collector?

At GoldCo Antique Buyers, we aim to make this process as easy as possible

Our specialist buyers conduct regular antiques roadshows in most towns

and cities around New Zealand. 

With over 41 years experience in the industry we can assess your items

or collections and purchase outright 

There is no waiting, no sale on behalf or commissions to pay. 

We can make cash offers for items you wish you sell. 

Whether you have single items or complete collections,

rare and collectable items or just old watches and scrap gold for recycling, 

Please see us at our next roadshow listed below……